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Accurate answers, fast response, great user experience, highest security and data privacy. This are the ingredients for testing conversational AI. And this is what you get from Botium Box.

Improve your customer experience

Botium verifies your customer experience on all channels and platforms. No matter what technology you use, Botium Box can test it. Including voice and IVR to understand users on voice channels.

Save time and efforts in all phases

Automating your chatbot testing will significantly reduce the efforts of your team and shorten your time to market. With Botium Box we can add value in every phase of the bot development lifecycle.

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manual testing

300 h/w

To run all tests


time saving



automated testing


test maintenance

26 h/w

To run all tests


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Regression Testing

Simulate typical conversations of real humans interacting with your chatbot or virtual assistant to identify flaws in the dialogs of your conversational AI.

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End-to-End Testing

Verify the end-user experience of your chatbot on all preferred channels. Cross browser, mobile app, social messenger and device.

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Voice Testing

Voice and IVR testing to understand users on voice channels. Including voice recording, voice synthesis and audio effects for real-life scenario testing.

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Security Testing

Continuous security checks for latest vulnerabilities on every conversation request. Keeping up state of the art security, data privacy and GDPR compliance.

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Performance Testing

Load- and Stress-Testing to keep your bot responsive under high pressure. Users expect excellence now and not later. Find the limits of your chatbot and learn how it behaves under heavy load.

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Chatbot Understanding

Checking the real-life performance of your NLU engine and the chatbot understanding. Static and dynamic analytics for the training data to generate in-depth insights and identify flaws.

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