Bots testing Bots

The art of challenging chatbots.


Bots testing Bots

Bots testing Bots

Botium is your own personal assistant to keep your company chatbot up and running. Botium will take over your work and do it in bot speed. 

Testing All Aspects of a Chatbot​

Testing All Aspects of a Chatbot

A great user experience requires excellence on many levels. Botium is challenging your company chatbot on many levels to keep up with the expectations of your clients.

DevOps and TestOps love Botium

DevOps and TestOps ❤️ Botium

Choose your infrastructure and integration at will. Botium fits into every environment, thanks to our container based deployment model, a universal integration layer and a GraphQL API. 

Your Idea | Your Data | Your Storage

Your Idea | Your Data | Your Storage

In the age of artificial intelligence data is the new gold. With Botium we follow a strict Bring-Your-Own-Storage and Bring-Your-Own-Keys philosophy.

Be in ❤️ with Botium

Helps in complicated use cases!

We have a relatively complicated use case, and I am looking into various tools which could help. Feature-wise Botium looks clearly the best.

Community Feedback

It’s amazing!

I had started playing around with the Botium, it’s amazing. Thanks for the experience

Community Feedback

It’s really useful!

Our internal chatbot team is constantly growing and also new chatbots are coming up. We introduced our new colleagues into Botium and they really find it useful.

Customer Feedback

Botium guarantees quality!

Our clients expect excellent customer service. With our virtual assistant we are delivering daily updates to our customer service channels. Botium guarantees that our virtual assistant stays online and responds to our clients in the most appropriate way.

Customer Feedback

One Stop Solution for Testing a Chatbot!

Botium Box is only and best tool which masters all testing for a bot. This is kind of one stop solution for testing a chatbot.

Rajni. S, Senior Manager

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Are you implementing your own testing tool for a chatty robot? Set the foundation with Botium Core like Flixbus did.

Julia Lauren

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Yeah. UAM did it and it works like CHARM!

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Accelerating Software Quality

Eran Kinsbruner

Get your bot to say the right thing at the right time

Rajni Singh & Neeraj Jain

Botium – Whitepaper: The challenge

Christoph Börner & Florian Treml

Testing chatbots with CHARM

Sergio Bravo-Santos, Esther Guerra & Juan de Lara

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