Botium Champions

Botium Champions

Add your voice to Botium Community

Community is the ❤️ of Botium

We are proud to have amazing people using Botium and supporting us on a daily basis. 

There are several ways of contributions:


Create educational content and support us with documentation


Share your Botium use case and experience on social media or in a blog post


Enrich our knowledge by suggestions and possible solutions


Be a Botium expert and support us by helping others

We recognise and appreciate every effort you are making to support our community. 

If you have a meaningful contribution you would like to share, tell us by sending an e-mail:


Meet our Contributors


Present us on different conferences and take part in our events by sharing your Botium experience, like Shama!


Are you implementing your own testing tool for a chatty robot? Set the foundation with Botium Core like Flixbus did.

Julia Lauren

Follow Julia Lauren’s example and create awesome tutorials on how to use Botium Box.


Provide scientific proof of possible integrations and their use cases.

Yeah. UAM did it and it works like CHARM!


Include us in white papers as one cool solution “to get your bot to say the right thing at the right time”.

Nagarro nailed it!

Cordny Nederkoorn

Be as cool as Cordny Nederkoorn and introduce Botium on different platforms.


Take an example of Sogeti and support us by bonding with potential customers.


Follow in Xatkit’s steps and help us to build a connector for your own bot platform and share your “know-how”.

University of Jena

Use Botium to contribute in the scientific fields of the future, like Sven from the University of Jena.

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