Bots testing Bots

Botium is your own personal assistant to keep your company chatbot up and running.


Use BotiumScript© to instruct Botium how to interact with your company chatbot. Botium uses the conversation transcript to identify flaws, failures and success cases.

Botium speaks all languages

Botium supports more than 30 chatbot technologies, for example:

Botium speaks all languages
Simulating Human Interaction

Simulating Human Interaction - in Bot Speed

Your company chatbot won’t see the difference – Botium interacts just like a human: texting, talking, listening, pointing, clicking. And to keep the test feedback cycles short, it does everything in bot speed.  

Simulation of Human Flaws

Unpopular opinion: Bots are perfect, humans are not. Botium simulates human flaws like typographic errors, emotions and different typing habbits.  

Simulation of Human Flaws