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Botium Coach is directly integrated into Botium Box

Botium Coach

Visualize NLU Performance Metrics

Analyze your training data based on performance trends, confidence distributions and a confusion matrix to detect it’s flaws

Identify Weaknesses

After discovering problems you can improve the quality of your chatbot by simply following the instructions suggested by Botium Coach

Identify Weaknesses
Boost your NLP Performance

Boost your NLP Performance

Enrich your training data with our paraphraser or translator tool, or use the predefined data sets provided within Botium Box

Monitor your Training Progress

Integrated into your CI/CD pipeline, Botium Coach and Botium Box can be combined for continuous monitoring of your conversational AI 

Monitor your Training Progress

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Explore the unlimited solutions Botium Coach can offer you, presented by Shama Ugale, an independent QA specialist

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