Getting started

Quality Assurance for chatbots is a must. Start your Botium journey now!


What is Botium?

Botium is a quality assurance framework for testing and training conversational AI.

Botium has two main modules:

  • Open Source Botium Core to automate conversations with a chatbot or virtual assistant
  • Botium Box for making test automation fast and easy

Botium Box is designed for removing complexity from test automation. Tasks like test management, maintenance and reporting can be done by everyone. Botium Box has a nice user interface and comes with various features in addition. Testlabs, out of the box Datasets, a Testcase Generator, Performance and Security Testing to name just a few.



Launch Botium Box

You will need docker and docker-compose, as well as a Botium Box Community Edition license.

To get started, copy the two commands below and run them in your terminal.

The first command git clone will setup Botium. Botium is delivered as a set of prebuilt Docker images.

The second command docker-compose-up will start Botium Box. Open Botium Box by pointing your browser to

$ git clone
$ docker-compose up -d

You run into troubles setting up Botium? Check out our step-by-step installation guide:

Step-by-step installation guide


First Steps in Botium Box

After completing the setup, learn how to get your first Botium Box project up and running:

Head to the Botium Box tutorial


Join the Community

First of all, the Botium community is awesome. These guys are pushing us every day to the limits. Start with the contribution guide to become part of it:

You can get involved with the Botium community in many ways:


Give us your ❤️

We truly believe in the power of communities. This is why we have made Botium Core open source.
You can show your support by giving Botium a star on Github or Docker:

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