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Enrich your chatbot development with test automation to make sure that your chatbot behaves as expected on all platforms and in all circumstances. You don’t know where to start? No worries, let us take something off your plate!


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    Get your own Botium Box Mini

    Register for a FREE and hosted Botium Box Mini. It will unleash the sleeping tester in you!

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    Take the Botium tour

    On your first login into your Botium Box Mini you’ll be guided to the Botium Box tour. Take some minutes and learn about the basic concepts of testing conversational AI.

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    Run your first tests

    You are just a few moments away from running your first tests. We included some sample projects in your Botium Box Mini to get you quickly onboard. In the video underneath you can see step by step how to run those tests.

    Head to the Botium Box tutorial to see how you can connect your own bot

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