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Botium pricing plans and features



Botium Box Mini Edition
for everyone

(SaaS) *



Botium Box Professional Edition for chatbot professionals
(SaaS) *



Botium Box Enterprise Edition for enterprise chatbots

(SaaS + On Premise) *


Botium Box Professional Edition for chatbot professionals
499$ / month
  • Botium Core Included
  • Conversational Flow Testing
  • E2E and Voice Testing
  • Unlimited CI/CD Pipelines
  • VIP Support
  • A little bit of Botium ❤️


Botium Box Unlimited. The experts choice - your individual package.
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  • Everything from Enterprise
  • Multitenancy Support
  • GDPR Testing
  • Customized Test Data
  • Unlimited VIP Support
  • Unlimited Botium ❤️

* Self hosting without extra charge only available in Botium Box Enterprise and Ultimate.

Community Edition

Botium Box Home

We love Open Source projects, we love startups, we love our community. For our awesome community members we are granting free Botium Box Community Edition licenses, full of Botium ❤️!

Please tell us about your planned or fulfilled community contributions to receive a license key!


Frequently asked Questions

As of 2020/10/23 the community version is fully deprecated. No panic, we offer a much better alternative. Check out the Botium Box Mini!

Twelve months, if you choose to host Botium on your own servers or one month, if you choose the SaaS offer of Botium.

You can pay by credit card or bank transfer. On a monthly basis or one year in advance.

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