Your Idea | Your Data | Your Storage

In the age of artificial intelligence data is the new gold.

Storage Keys

Bring-Your-Own-Storage | Bring-Your-Own-Keys

Choose your own storage provider for your gold – Botium can use your Git repositories, your  Google Drive, protected folders, HTTP-based repositories and more.

Test Data Augmentation

Starting your chatbot testing journey from scratch ? Botium helps to augment your test data with paraphrasing and other linguistic algorithms. Multiply your test coverage with a few clicks.

Test Data Augmentation
Testsets at your disposal

Batteries included - Test Sets at your disposal

You don’t want to start from scratch – we understand that! With Botium you have hundreds of thousands of test cases for countless domains at your fingertips. Following the 80/20 rule, we already worked from Monday to Thursday for you – Friday is your turn!