Testing All Aspects of a Chatbot

A great user experience requires excellence on many levels.

Conversational Flow Testing

Conversational Flow Testing

Botium challenges your company chatbot with conversations it has already learned. Testing the conversational flow is as close to the user experience as you can get.

Analytics Dashboard with Botium Coach

With Botium Coach you can take a deep dive into the engine of your company chatbot. And it also automatically identifies current and future flaws early in the life cycle.

Analytics Dashboard
Non-Functional Testing

Non-Functional Testing

Your clients are expecting excellence, and they are expecting it now, not in 5 seconds. We extend the tool belt of your test engineers with the modules for user load simulation and performance testing

Voice Testing and E2E Testing

A great user experience requires service on your clients preferred channels. Social messenger, website widgets, smartphone apps, voice apps – Botium can act on all of these channels. 

Voice Testing - E2E Testing