The ultimate Guide to a Botium Box Proof of Concept (PoC)

Does Botium Box meet my requirements? Will it solve my biggest challenges and pain points? Is it worth upgrading my free Botium Box Mini? And anyway, which plan would be the right one for me? Let me take you on a quick journey through a Botium Box Proof of Concept (PoC) to answer those questions.


Running a PoC is a very common and crucial method for introducing new tools to an organization.


Let’s start at the beginning. Botium Box is a comprehensive test automation suite for conversational AI and clearly a B2B software product. A Proof of Concept should show its automation capabilities, the technical feasibility and the integration into a client’s systems and environments. Followed by the ability of the team to use Botium and reach their business goals.


In a Botium PoC we are engaging directly with our clients and their chatbots.



People and Resources: Choosing the right people to run a PoC is essential. The time will be limited, usually to four weeks. Therefore you want to make sure that the right people with the right skills were identified and secured for the PoC.

Having a clear Scope: Defining the scope for your proof of concept is the key enabler to success. Make your business needs clear and prioritize them. Time and efforts will be wasted otherwise. Keeping the focus on your main points is another good piece of advice.

Success Criterias

During the PoC Onboarding we will help you to define metrics to measure success or failure. Usually this goes hand in hand with your PoC scope and the areas you are most interested in. The results of conducting a PoC can be:

  • Botium meets your project requirements: See section “Next steps after the PoC”

  • Botium partially solves your problems: In this case we typically have to do some customizations for your needs and will extend the PoC period

  • Botium cannot fulfill your business needs: That’s actually very unlikely to happen 🙂

Hosting, Data & Security

Your Botium PoC will be operated in our SaaS cloud and is reachable through  You can choose the cloud provider of your choice (AWS, Azure, IBM) and the server region. E.g. an AWS EC2 instance in Ireland (Europe). In case you are running your own private cloud, we can also set up the PoC there. And if cloud hosting is an absolute No-Go in your organization, we will find an on-premise solution for you.

Regarding Data, it’s important to say that Botium is not collecting or processing any personal data. What will be saved are system logs to support you in case needed that will be deleted every two weeks.

In terms of Security we are regularly carrying out audits and pentests with the following focuses:

  • We continuously test our services in-house with established tools and industry standards

  • The cloud providers of our choice (AWS, Azure, IBM) perform regular pentests on their infrastructure

  • We support our clients if they want to carry out additional tests according to their company policies


Team Onboarding: We will kick off the Proof of Concept by guiding you through the first steps in your Botium Box. Starting with connecting to your Chatbot and running the first tests.


You’ll see the success from day one!


Keeping an eye on the goals: We will offer regular calls where you can share your thoughts, ask questions or get help quickly. Together we will keep track of the PoC scope and goals.

Getting the best out of Botium: In case you need help, we are there to support you! Just contact us and our engineers will help you out.

Next steps after the PoC

Finishing the PoC you will know which Botium plan is the right one for you. The next step is to decide whether you want to use Botium SaaS or choose a self-hosting option. No matter what you prefer, all work you have done during the PoC is safe. We will simply migrate the data into your new Botium Box followed by a “Happy Testing” and you are ready to go.